Monday, May 23, 2011

Last Day

Hello dearies!

I am now here in Mallberry Suites' Online shop, Cagayan de Oro. We're just waiting for the time to pass and spending some moolah so that we can have a 10,000php bill. I am actually quite sad that we'll be leaving Cagayan de Oro and Mindanao. I still want to do so many things here! I'm actually looking forward to coming back here in Mindanao, specifically in Cagayan and in Camiguin. I'll be blogging about my Summer in a few days or when I get back home safely. So you guys better watch out for that! Also, I'll be doing some reviews of the different places we went here in Mindanao and some Go To places as well. I think I'll even put a few tips here and there. :)

To sum this whole thing up, I just want to say that this Summer Vacation trip was both a win and a lose. I'd love to go back here but maybe with other people. I'd love to come back here with my friends. I'm pretty sure it'll be a rad time. Hahaha! I'll tell you all about our adventures and all the things we've seen in this wonderful region of the Philippines next time. Ciao for now!

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