Sunday, April 10, 2011


So it got me thinking, I want a tattoo. Maybe something that’s a couple themed. Me and Harley was thinking of something like a bracelet type of tat that has our first name’s initial letter as a pendant like. I dunno. I’m not really sure of just something like that. :)

Then, I want something like a La Salle star right around the nape of my neck. I think that would’ve been awesome. Something I like to make as a tattoo would be something like; a quote or maybe inspirational or unforgettable words that my boyfriend had said to me. LOL. All I speak about is my boyfriend. Pity. Oh!

I’d love to put something like:

“I’d rather be crushed, decapitated and dead than to ever let you go without a fight.”

or maybe something like:

“We will wrap ourselves to the sweet ecstasy of love again someday, my love.”

and then maybe lastly, something like:

“We wished upon millions of stars to only find out that the star we are looking for has fallen down to earth.”

but I think I shorter one would do, like:

“Loving you and more is my curse.”

Anyway, those were only just dreams and desires. I really want to get a tattoo. :3


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