Thursday, March 31, 2011


Last Thursday, March 31, 2011, was the “Last Happy Thursdays of De La Salle”. Me and some of my friends didn’t want to miss out and not enjoy the festivities as you might call it that day. Some people might ask, what’s so special about it anyway? It’s just a Thursday, right? Well, I guess you are right. It is just a Thursday, to a non-Lasallian. I don’t know if it is just me and the people around me that celebrate or drink/party/unwind during Thursdays but that is what’s been happening since I got in La Salle.

For those of you who don’t know, La Salle only has 4 days of school in a week. That would be starting at Monday and ending in Thursday, for those normal people. So what students usually do is drink/party/hang out with their friends up until the wee hours of the day during Thursdays, our last school day of the week. But don’t misunderstand that all we do is drink, party, and shit like that. We actually just hang out and unwind after a hard week’s work. Anyway, enough about the rumblings. And so, we are commemorating the last Happy Thursday of De La Salle because the following year, we will be having 6 days of school and no more Happy Thursdays. :(

Here are some photos of that “Last Happy Thursday of De La Salle”:

[left-right] Server, Me, Airiz, Sophia, BJ

***This is actually funny. You see the server right? That girl was from Chicken Ati-Atihan in EGI Taft before she worked for this club and I know the reason why she’s not working there anymore. Me and my friends were eating there one day and she was there. We were minding our own business when suddenly this fight between her and the cook happened. We were so shocked that we didn’t eat there anymore and next thing I know, she’s there! :D


This practically occupied my attention that whole time. We played cards, losers drink, I text my boy friend, and party everyday. Fun fun fun. :D

And no, that’s just a mug. The actual content of that is water. :))

The couple, BJ and Sophia. :)

The losers having a toast before drinking their nth shot.

***And yes, BJ really had to make a face like that. :)) Me and Sophia was really losing to the card game and I remember not being able to hold the pitcher correctly due to my lack of grip. :)) That was good times. :D



AFTER (a few more):

***LOLJK. Naw. Airiz wasn’t really that drunk. She wasn’t even tipsy. We were just messing around the camera that time. :)) But you really have to say the last photo was funny. :D

Anyway, I’ll end this here. This post is way too long. Sorry about that. :D


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