Saturday, December 31, 2011

Malabon Food Trip

Hey guys! How you doin'? (read that in a Joey Tribbiani voice. hahaha!)

I've been searching through some of our old pictures here in my laptop and my HD when I found some of the photos of a food trip in Malabon that me and my mom joined sometime last February. I just wanted to show this to you guys and maybe interest you into exploring Malabon. Actually, this was my first time in Malabon and I really didn't know the history of Malabon before that trip. But now, I shall always remember Malabon as a place for good food and rich history.
© Renee Jacobe 2011
This was one of our stops and I remember this place so vividly because of the delicious and exotic foods they have. I tasted my first Tapang Kabayo or Horse Jerky here and not to mention the most delicious food in very affordable prices I have ever eaten. I love their mechado and their sinigang. It's just too good to be below 100 pesos.
© Renee Jacobe 2011
Look at this cute bread! It's shaped into a pig! Although it isn't that special in terms of its taste but it does have that novelty side to it due to its super cute shape.
© Renee Jacobe 2011
This store is actually a hidden gem in Malabon. We were walking along the street and saw this small store where a lot of locals were buying this turon looking food and since we are foodies, we checked it out. We found out that the turon looking food was called Balenciaga/Valenciaga.
© Renee Jacobe 2011
Balenciaga is grounded pinipig, wrapped in lumpia wrapper and sugar. It's just such a sweet delectable. I just loved it and I'm actually craving for it now. Not to mention it's only 8 pesos, I think.
© Renee Jacobe 2011
Those are some places that we've went and eaten. The first one is Aling Upeng's where we bought this old fashioned Chinese quekiam. 
© Renee Jacobe 2011

© Renee Jacobe 2011
Then, we went to Arny Dading's where my favorite peachy-peachy was originally made. After that, we went to Dolors Kakanin where they sold different colored kakanins in a variety of flavors. My favorite there is the delicacy called "Sapin-Sapin". It's called like that because when you see the layers of that kakanin, it's made out of different colored kakanin ranging from red to violet to white.
© Renee Jacobe 2011
After we went to Dolors, we went to Lugaw ni Onoy where we saw a lot of locals eating. I had the usual goto, but one of our friends JP ate soup no. 5, I think. Soup no. 5 is something to eat for the adventurous ones. It's made out of cow testicles. I don't think I can ever eat something like that, I mean... Gah!
© Renee Jacobe 2011

© Renee Jacobe 2011

© Renee Jacobe 2011
© Renee Jacobe 2011

Some of the things we saw and ate in Malabon. Of course you can't say that you went to Malabon without eating their infamous pancit! I mean, they named it Pancit Malabon for crying out loud. Hahaha. And I guess that's that. I'll end my post here and I hope you liked my very first food related post.

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Juicy Goodness | Malabon, Philippines
© Renee Jacobe 2011

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College 101: Tip Number Seven

Hey there,

As some of you might know, I've been doing this segment here in my blog called "College 101: Tips on How to Survive College" and so far, I've done quite well with it. I've been thinking on what new tip I could give you guys and I realized that I haven't done any fashion related tip. So, I've made a decision that on this tip I'll be giving both my female readers and my male readers some tips on the essential pieces that a student must have. I think I'll cut this post into 3 posts since I want to focus on the general basics and then delve on to the male and then female essentials. So, here are my general basic pieces that all students must have.
1. Invest on a good "business" attire. This is very important specially to those who are in commerce courses. I cannot stress enough how much you'll need this attire for class participation. I think that wearing business attire makes you look professional and presentable thus making the teachers ask its students to wear business attires during presentation and exams. Just trust me on this one, you'll really need it.
Gentlemen's Business Attire
Ladies Business Attire
 2. Have a "go-to" outfit. I think it's very important for students to have a "go-to" outfit. It's basically an outfit you wear when you don't want to think or you woke up late and forgot to prepare an outfit for school the next day. Well, this is where the "go-to" outfit comes in. It'll be the outfit you'll pick up and viola! You're good to go!
Men's Basic Attire
Women's Basic Attire
3. Look good, feel better. Some people, specially the ladies out there sacrifice their comfort for style and they end up with sore feet at the end of the day. Sometimes men also have this problem specially with polo and those super high cut shoes that are fashionable and yet oh so crazy prep time. So, I suggest you guys should get comfy yet fashionable shoes! You can never go wrong with a pair perfectly fitting shoes.
Men's Footwear
Women's Footwear
4. Pop out with a graphic. Graphic designs in T-shirts is one of my favorite things to use when I'm going to school. i like it because it's fun, comfortable and fashionable. You can pair it with a blazer with some shorts and a cute plain flat shoes and your done. Not to mention that guys can also sport the graphic design and give off that edgy rock & roll feel.
Graphic T-shirts for Men
Graphic T-shirts for Women
 I think I'll end my post here since I don't want to make this a long post. Don't worry though, I'll be making a women's back-to-school essentials outfit post and a men's counterpart. You guys just have to sit back and chill. Wait for it to be uploaded. I'll make sure that I'll make it before the next school year begins or before the holiday break is over. I hope you guys enjoyed my post and I hope that I've helped you in any kind of way.

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If you have any questions or suggestions,
please comment below.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Things Change, Shit Happens

The year is almost at its end and as I look back at how this year had fared I realized that it was one of my most exhausting, disappointing and epiphany filled year ever. At the start of this year I had a boyfriend and I thought it could surpass the test of time and all of our adversities but I guess I was wrong. I'll be ending the year single but I really don't mind since I do like being single. I'm happier now than I was way back in January. Truth is, I was miserable at the start of the year. All I did was cry and cry and cry some more. I was really miserable and I blamed it all on everybody else and not myself but now things have changed. I'm more confident with myself and I've tried to care less about what others see me and just be myself. I try not to pretend that I'm someone else and just live my life according to my beliefs. I voice them out when I have the courage to do so and when I do, I feel tremendously happy. It's liberating!

I now see my crimes and although I do not regret them I still think of them as lessons learned. I wouldn't be the person I am today if not for my mistakes in the past. Even if I might have severed some ties, I did make new ones. I've lost interest in things and yet gained new ones. I think this year had been a year of getting to know myself and actually growing up. I've made a lot of mistakes and some mistakes I admit, I do regret but you know what? I was happy when I did all of those mistakes and it just proves a Filipino saying, "Nasa huli ang pagsisisi" or it is at the end when you will regret everything, or something like that. I don't want to point any fingers anymore but I will focus on myself more. I'll do my best or at least try to do my best with whatever I do. I think being able to realize and see how wrong I was is a start. I can't change in a snap, no one can, but I will try to do what I think is right and what is needed to be done. I won't let my feelings take over anymore and mess up everything that I have.

I think that's the only regret I have with my life. I was weak and I was naive but I won't be like that anymore. I've got my head on my shoulder and I won't float away. I won't be that girl that fucked up everything in her life. I'm gonna be strong and keep fighting. I won't let anyone ruin my life even if that means being single for awhile. I'll choose someone that's better and someone who can provide for what I need and not be insecure with what I have. I deserve better. You deserve better. We all deserve better. I don't think I can go back to who I am way back when I started this year and I don't want to go back. I'll start the year in a good tone and that's by spending time with family. I need to fix everything in my life, thus "OPERATION: FIX LIFE" the title of my blog is still relevant. I need to fix things and I will constantly fix everything until everything is back to normal and my family knows who I really am and who I have become.

I think that's it. Sorry for the long post, I just needed to get it out of my chest and I think I need this to constantly remind me of the person I was before the year had started. Thanks for reading it guys.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

ASOS Back-to-School Contest

Hello friends!

I just want to ask a big favor from you guys. Can you help me win a contest from Asos' Fashion Finder, something like Polyvore, is having a contest on how to jazz up your basic pieces and re-use then in the coming year. I chose to re-use blazers because of it's sophisticated yet versatile look. It makes almost everything look professional and yet still fun. I remember the famous fashion blogger, Camille Co, saying that she loves blazers because it makes your normal, plain and casual looking clothes extra special. It gives you that sudden "wow" factor specially when you partner rock and roll clothing with a polished yet quirky blazers. It is a mix of fun, classy and ready to take on the world, or in this case your school.

All you have to do to help me is click the heart on the bottom of my entry to vote the outfit that I made. It's that simple! If you're wondering if you have to register, I know that you can just connect it with your Facebook accounts. So please, please... PLEASE help me win by voting for me!

Again, all you have to do to help me win this contest is to click on this link HERE!

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Fail Giveaway

I guess this is a lesson for me. I shouldn't have rushed into things, specially something that could perpetually hurt my pride and feelings. I guess I should have seen it coming I mean, I still don't have a good following base. I just rushed everything. I always rush everything. Oh well. I won't see this at a negative point of view, this is a lesson learned and without experiences like these I wouldn't learn. So, just stay positive! Stay positive!

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Revolving Fire | DLSU-Manila 
© Renee Jacobe 2011

Wasting Away

Tic. Toc. Tic. Toc.
Every minute passes by
Uncertainty unfolds.
Time slowly passes,
Minds begin to wander,
Souls shatter and unfold.

Looking at your eyes,
Feeling your thighs,
Lost in your lullaby.
This is all nothing but
Me, wasting time.
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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Viral Spotlight: Miki Mortel

Hello lovely people of the blogosphere!

I was being a ninja earlier today in Facebook when suddenly I saw one of my major-mates post a video of this guy saying that he can look like Piolo Pascual, a local actor, through make-up. He was really believable and he actually did a lot of research but then as the video goes by, well. I won't spoil it for you guys. Just watch it and see what'll happen.

After seeing that video above, I looked him up on YouTube and saw his channel. Surprisingly enough, he was a singer too. He covers popular songs and I had to admit some of my favorite songs like Fix You by Coldplay and The Script's For The First Time just to name a few. What I particularly like about this guy is that he's funny, down-to-earth and very cute. I know, I know. What a bias that is, but what can do? He is a good looking chap.

Just a few facts about him since I've watched some of his videos. He's a Filipino living in Texas but his family lives in New York. If I got that right. Hahaha! Anyway, he's a standard Filipino height which is 5"5/5"6 and his shoe size is...  I forgot. All I know is this guy is someone to look forward to. He also sounds a lot like Luan Legacy, a very well-known and popular YouTuber. I think that's all for my Viral Spotlight. Talk to you guys again soon. :)


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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Wishlist

It's that time of the year again where godfathers and godmothers are missing, where the parents are cranky and the children are always happy. The season of giving, blackmailing for gifts and snotty little kids is finally here. In just 4 more nights, children will have money and the adults would be very cranky. Yep, that's right. It's Christmas time yet again. Although the true meaning of Christmas is the birth of Christ, our Savior, and not the capitalist one we celebrate now, it is almost a right of passage for kids and kids at heart to write their own "Christmas Wishlist". And to bloggers, well, It's almost a must to blog about things you want for Christmas.

So, I decided to make my very own Christmas Wishlist. I thought long and hard on what I wanted to have this Christmas and here are the things that I really want.

1. Canon 550D or Nikon D90 - I've been wanting to have my own babies for such a long time and by babies, I mean my own DSLR camera. I've wished for this thing last year and since I still don't have it, I'm wishing it again this year. Photography is a passion of mine and it just frustrates me how I can't pursue my passion just because I don't have the necessary tools to do it. I know what you might be thinking, "why not buy a less expensive one?". Well, I believe that if I am to buy a DSLR I'll buy something that is the best of its kind or at least the best that I could afford. I specifically like these two models because of their video capabilities and their specs.
2. 2012 Planner - I've been planning on buying a planner for this coming year and I thought that, why not ask for a planner instead? I'm a very unorganized person and I really need a planner to help me remember and organize my school agendas, barkada hangouts and family time. Not to mention a place to write down some blog ideas I have when I'm on the go. Planners really do help me a lot specially in school and I would really love it if my ninongs/ninangs/aunties/uncles would buy me one. Hahaha! I've even narrowed it down to these choices: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
3. Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s - This one right here is one of my new obsessions. I've been hinting my ex boyfriend that I wanted this and good enough that we broke up even before he had the chance to give it to me. I mean, I don't want to return it. Hahaha! Anywho, I've been eyeing this baby since I heard about it around last year? Yeah. I'm really hoping that by this year I'll have enough money to buy one or if I'm blessed, someone might give one to me as a gift. I'm just gonna keep my fingers crossed!

4. Shoes & Bags - I am crazy over shoes and bags. I try as much as possible, and that means 3x a year more or less, to buy a pair of cute flats or maybe a bag here and there. But, I do have a problem when it comes to budgeting since I can't buy shoes or bags that are too expensive or too frivolous on my mom's meter. So, I really keep it down. Here are some of my most wanted kind of shoes.

5. Jewelry - This has become my new love. I'm starting to like accessories and I mean obsessive type of love. I'm starting on my collections but again, I am having trouble buying accessories since they are a bit of a luxury. That's why I love bazaars. Bazaars offer cheap and very stylish accessories that won't hurt your wallets that much. I'm just hoping someone would give me a bunch of accessories. Hahaha! Or maybe an accessories organizer. Hahaha!
How about you? What's inside your Christmas Wishlist? I'm curious. Comment below and tell me all about it. You might not know, I might give it to you as a gift come December 25. Hahaha! :)
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Reminisce: A Mixtape

This mixtape has been long overdue. I've tried making mixtapes and all of it ended up being postponed or I just forget about it. But now, it's a different story. I've actually made a mixtape that is not that crappy and with tunes that are pleasing to my ears. My inspiration for this mixtape is my past, the used to bes and the life lessons I've experienced. I've tried reminding myself, reflecting and even contemplating on how my life has progressed and how I've grown through the years. It is a compilation of myself and of the things that had been a part of me. My past aspirations and thoughts. Some songs here might not seem relevant to you but it is to me. I just hope you guys like it and enjoy!

  1. Always On My Mind (Willie Nelson) - Iron & Wine with Calexico
  2. Bright as Yellow - The Innocence Mission
  3. Helpless - Ghost Animal
  4. I Miss You - Incubus
  5. Keep On Loving Me Baby - Otis Rush
  6. Life Is Bad - Shelby Lynne
  7. Love Ain't Nothing - Johnny Nash
  8. One Gal In Town (Five Men Hanging Around) - Berna Dean
  9. Quelqu'un ma dit - Carla Bruni
  10. Ta Douleur - Camille
  11. The Mystery of Love - Marianne Faithfull
  12. The One That Rings My Bell - Sherri Taylor
  13. The Party & The After Party - The Weeknd
  14. This Guy's In Love With You - Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass
  15. This is Love - PJ Harvey
  16. Wild Horses (The Rolling Stones) - The Sundays
  17. You Can't Hurry Love - The Concretes

You can download it here!

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For Isabella Magalona

I'm just gonna put this here. It's a doodle I've made for Saab Magalona's giveaway. Please don't judge me if it's too grade school-ish. I just don't know how to draw epic doodles and the what-nots. Anywho, I'm out. I'll be posting a mixtape later. Bye!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

College 101: Tip Number Six

Hey. :)

I haven't done this in quite a while and I think I need to write down another tip for you guys. I've already told you 5 tips on how to survive college and I think there's still a lot more to say. Although, I do have some sort of dry spell when it comes to these long and essay like posts. So, I think I'll make this short.

Tip # 6: Have a break

A lot of you might think that college is a hell hole where the stress is unbelievable and the only thing you can do to unwind is go to a party. that's where you're wrong. Taking a break doesn't necessarily mean that you should drink the Fridays away and wake up on a Saturday noon with a terrible hangover. No! There are a lot of things that can help you unwind and here are some things that I do to unwind.

Blast from the Past

Oh dear lord, look at me! If you don't know what I look like, I'm the one at the farthest left with the chinky eyes and the fattest face. Yes, that cute posing kid is me. I can't believe that my aunt posted this in Facebook. Actually, I can't believe that she has it. I remember passing this in school for one of my classes. How could she possibly have a copy? Hahaha!

Anyway, I just wanted to share to you guys this photo. I had a sudden flashback after seeing this. I can't believe time goes by so quickly. Imagine, I'll be graduating in a year, my cousin (the one in the middle) will be entering college in a few months and her sister (the one on the far right) is in 3rd year high school. We're moving on with our lives and yet here we are, all small and cute still in these photos. Gah! I feel so old now!

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Renee's Giveaway 2011!

Hey you guys!

Guess what? I'm finally giving a giveaway! Yeay! I've given this a lot of thought and I think that my blog is somewhat ready for its very first giveaway! Although I can't let my international followers join because I can't pay for international shipping yet, I am opening this giveaway to all my Philippine resident followers. Or if you want, you can join the giveaway even if you're not from the Philippines and  has some relatives here in the Philippines. I'll just send it to one of your relatives here in the Philippines! Yeay! I'm really sorry if I am disappointing my international followers. I really can't afford international shipping yet. Maybe on my future giveaways? Yeah? :)

So, what will you be winning? You might ask. Well, I'm giving away stuffs from my online shop, B&D, and some personal stuffs that I know my readers would like. And no, these are not creepy stuffs. They're actually something that keeps me inspired and very positive in life. So, here are my prizes!

Sale Alert: ASOS

Look what my mail brought in just a few minutes ago! Yep. That's right, is having a 50% off on all of their items! Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think I am wrong! They are cutting their prices by 50% just so that we could buy from their store! And you know what's the catch?

It's only for today, December 19, for those who will want to ship it via the UK Standard Delivery or by December 22 for the people that'll want UK Next Day Deliveries!

So what are you waiting for? If you're from Europe, I suggest you go buy from them now! I wish I had my Christmas money early so that I could buy this wonderful dress. Ugh. Oh third-world problems. Hahaha! Anyway, just wanted to inform you guys. I hope you'll put this on good use!

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