Thursday, November 20, 2014

[Foodie Log] SamgyupSalamat

Hello loves! It has been a while since I've posted anything here so let me start with this one. I've been exploring good places in Taft for foodies like me and I think this is one of them. I stumbled upon this Korean themed restaurant through my good friend, JR Espinueva. He was the one that introduced this restaurant to us. It's located along Leon Ginto St., near Exile. It's actually a street before Exile. I'll just edit this post once I've checked the place out again.

Taking Things Slow

I haven't been posting here anymore and as much as I would love to keep on posting daily, I just can't seem to find the inspiration and drive to make sensible posts. I'm gonna post this little photo to show you guys how out-dated my blog is right now. I'm thinking of reworking everything. If you're still with me up 'till now, thank you so much. I really appreciate that you guys still believe in me and my blog.

I'll be publishing a food, travel, and a life update soon. I just need to refocus on some things and eventually be better by the end of the year. If you guys are wondering, I am happy. I'm dating someone and we're almost gonna hit another milestone. Things could be better in my life, but I'm not complaining. Seriously, I feel blessed and good about myself. I haven't felt like this in a very long time. So, cheers to more days and moments like these. I hope you guys are doing well. If you're not, send me an e-mail or leave a message in the chatbox. I'd love to hear from you guys. Again, thanks for all the support. xx

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Summer Wedding Dreams

Hello loves!

I've been gone for a long time. I've had trouble with my internet connection, my finals in school, as well as my relationship. It has been a topsy-turvy year for me. I've neglected you guys a lot. Anyway, I'm making a post today because I got inspired a lot by these wonderful gowns from and I thought, Hey! Why not make a wedding idea post! So here I am.

I thought that since it's summer already in my country, and it'll probably be summer soon in your country, I'm going to make a Summer Wedding idea post. There are a lot of wedding themes you can do during the Summer. I'm going to give you guys a theme that's commonly used during summer weddings. In this post I'll show you a beach wedding concept. I hope you'll like it and I'll be able to help my bride-to-be readers.

Now on to the beach wedding concept.
Cebu, Philippines
Living in a tropical country, I can boast of the many beautiful beaches here in the Philippines. I think that's one reason why I'm so fond of beach weddings. Here are some of the wedding dresses that I wanted if ever I do get a beach wedding.

A-line Sweetheart Tulle Satin Asymmetrical Lace Wedding Dress
Sheath/Column Halter Chiffon Ankle-length Sashes / Ribbons Wedding Dresses
Sheath/Column Sweetheart Chiffon Court Train Beading Wedding Dresses
If you've read my other posts about wedding gowns, then you'd know how much I love gowns with these designs. I also love gowns that have trains. It gives drama to the bride and it's just beautiful as a whole. Although you have to consider that it'll be hard if you're going to walk on the shoreline and the sand will be in your dress... But that's okay, considering how awesome your wedding photos would look like. Hahaha!

I think I'll end my post here. Thank you guys for still reading my blog and for continuously supporting me and my blog. Good bye for now!

PS. I'll be in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and in Singapore starting from tomorrow. xx

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Saturday, December 21, 2013


That is a screenshot of an episode in Buffy the Vampire Slayer called, Angel. And that man right there is Angel, you guys might know him for the series Bones, Angel, and if you're like me in Buffy. I just wanted to share this to you guys because this scene really tugged my heart. This is the episode where Buffy found out that Angel, the mysterious fellow that warns her every time there's trouble ahead, is a vampire. As you know, Buffy likes Angel but then he's a vampire and she's a vampire slayer so it's best if they kept it platonic.

I love how Angel looked at Buffy. The torment and pain in his eyes, it was beautiful. Have you guys ever had that sinking feeling in your chest as if your heart was breaking, as if it was so heavy, and as if someone was crushing it all at the same time? I know I have. I get it every time I see someone that I love leave for the first time or they're going somewhere I can't go and for a long time. Actually, no. You get that feeling whenever you see someone you love leave. End of story. That's just it.

It happens to me a lot actually, since I'm a very emotionally in-tuned person. I love people easily. I care for others easily. I think I'm just a real softy. Being with someone, liking their company a lot, and suddenly having to part from them... It's hard. You just want them close to you but you can't do anything but go. You know you'll see them again but still, the feeling is there. I think that's what I'm feeling right now...

I hate the fact that I'm away from the people I love but you have to suck it up. I'll be spending time with my family and when the holiday season ends, I'll be back in Taft with my friends. I know. All this mushy stuff I'm posting is because of my sepanx (separation anxiety) with them. Hahahaha! Hope you guys have a great holiday season! xx

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Never Knew What's Missing

Hey you guys. I just wanted to share some thoughts on how a person never really knows what they're missing out on until they've finally tasted it. I have a lot of things on my bucket list that I've yet to cross out and although I want to do them, there's no sense of urgency to actually fulfilling it. Then there are some things  on my list that I can't do on my own.

I never really wanted things in my life that I believed I could never get. I think it's one of my mechanisms so I wouldn't get hurt. I know you guys most probably have the same mechanism or you get my reasoning. I just don't want to get disappointed by something that's too far to attain. Believe it or not, I've been through a lot even for my young age. I won't compare myself with others that have been through serious problems but I did have my fair share.

I just realized that it's so hard to imagine yourself to be in another place or in another situation where you are in now. How can you know that having a richer family would be better for you if you don't know how that feels like? Or maybe how this guy would be better for you than your boyfriend now. You just don't know what it would feel like. So...

I just realized that I should be happy for everything that I have right now and every thing that has happened to me. I shouldn't wish that I was someone else or be embarrassed of what I've gone through. It was all part of my bigger picture and my role as person living in this world.

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