Monday, April 18, 2016

Stay Tonight ver. Summer/Spring

Let us start off the Summer with a post about it! If you're not living in a tropical country, you're probably enjoying the early days of spring or maybe even summer. If you're from a tropical country like me, you're probably swearing and sweating right now from the heat. Don't get me wrong, I love the sun especially when I'm in the beach but if you're just walking around your house but you're sweating like a faucet... that's a totally different story. So, I made a little outfit and home decor set to welcome the season.

I am in love with cami tops and the top I put here is a cami and a crop top, perfect for those hot summer days at home where you don't want to exert too much effort to lessen your chances of sweating. I partnered it off with a cute cotton short shorts with some frill design. I think that outfit embodies a "chill night at home in summer" vibe.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hello, Boyfriend!

I wanted to deviate from my usual outfit posts and make one catered for my male readers, if I even have any. I think in our age we are going back to basics, back to our roots, and back to the gentlemanly ways of the 40s to 60s. We're starting to appreciate the elegance of a well put together outfit and a man that knows how to take care of himself. So, I made this sort of outfit post that's inspired from the urban jungle that is the metropolis.

No matter where you are, you may be in New York, California, Manila, London, Frankfurt, or Seoul, I'm pretty sure you've seen these well put together men with collared tops, groomed beards, and on point watches or shoes. They are everywhere these days and I couldn't be any happier. No proper thinking woman would complain about a dashing man. Anyway, I'd like to explain why I chose the things I've put in this set and how they all come together to make a coherent look.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Game Day: This War of Mine

Hello loves,

This is a new thing for me to post here in OFL. I'm going to recommend a game to you guys. If you haven't checked this game out yet, I highly recommend that you do. I want this to be a proper post so, I'll say some points as to why you should get this game. And yes, I really did try the game out for myself.

This War of Mine has an interesting way of storytelling through a cause and effect type of gaming. The game was set during a country's cold war which led to it's citizen's demise and the rise of military groups, raiders, and normal citizens killing for food. It shows the reality of war, how people are affected by it, and the consequences of one's actions. Morality is just a concept and survival is the prime drive of people. You'll meet people with stories that are engaging, enthralling, and totally immersive.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Boheme? Maybe not.

It's getting closer and closer to the season of wavy clothes, short shorts, and tank tops. I wanted to make an outfit set post for you guys that are still in for a bit of cold weather but are thinking of showing the Summer vibes in your outfits. I partnered a flowing and billowy dress that just screams Boho chic. However, I partnered the dress with structured pieces to counteract the feel of the whole outfit.

As you can see, I partnered tights that give an impression of having garters on instead of settling for plain black tights. I matched the tights with the clutch which has a gorgeous grid line design. This brings structure to the look and yet it doesn't venture out to the dress' bohemian vibe. Of course, what bohemian outfit would be complete without a cute hat that matches well with the concept of the bag and the tights.

Finally, I wanted to use color blocked shoes as a point of interest and contrast. It can become the main point of the outfit or something that won't make the outfit bland. I think a pop of color in one place or another never hurts. Then, I just finished of the look with a subtle gold with black accented wrist watch that comes with multi-layered bracelets.

What do you think of the outfit? Like it? Hate it?
Let me know down at the comments or like my set on Polyvore!

Boheme? Maybe not.

3 4 sleeve dress
1,695 PHP -

ASOS opaque tight
845 PHP -

Pointed toe pumps
2,630 PHP -

The cARTel white handbag
12,230 PHP -

Style Co gold jewelry
1,645 PHP -

Forever 21 fedora hat
1,075 PHP -

Monday, February 08, 2016

FGMM: Nicole

Hello loves,

Let me drop a short poem vomit for this FGMM post. It may not be that feel good since the topic is a bit sad and heartbreaking but, I really wanted to share this to you guys. xx

In a place where the sun rises
but all I feel is constant bleakness in my surroundings.
Finding it hard to breath, sleep, or even try to live.
Where do I go from here?

I find that, I have nowhere to go.
No one to go home to.
Nothing to keep me breathing.

And it burns to have nothing.

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